My dream is to employ a million people - particularly those that will be displaced by AI and automation technology.



How: I don't know exactly… it's something that I'm figuring out.


What I do know are the following 3 things:


I am an awesome enabler. 

Paired up with people with strong product/service vision, we are able to make great things happen.


I am a committed generalist. 

I synthesize divergent perspectives and networks with agile experimentation that result in doing things differently. 


I am most fulfilled when I see people grow and achieve their dreams.

Extremely, people-centric - I focus on people - entrepreneurs and founding teams over the business idea and tactics. Simply awesome people do awesome things - they figure things out, and solve the challenges that they face. 


So for the moment, my HOW is in helping entrepreneurs future-proof their business. [And ensure that they are continuing to provide livelihood to their team members.]


I'm part business strategist, project manager, technologist and a 24/7 cheerleader and coach.


What brings me the greatest joy

is contributing to you realizing your goals.




Guita Trivia

  • I worked on my first digital solution in 2002.

  • I used to host radio and TV shows.

  • I wrote a scripts for children’s animation short.

  • I’ve published 9 books by multiple authors.

  • I consume content like a mad person.




Digital Transformation & Literacy

Corporate Innovation

Idea Incubation & Acceleration

The Future of Work

Collective Entrepreneurship

Worker-Owned Business

Lean StartUp Testing & Validation 

Customer Sucess Journey Management

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